Attention Ladies: Coaches, Consultants,  Course Creators and Entrepreneurs...

Finally, a training that shows you how to have premium pricing in 72 hours without having to becoming an "influencer" and wasting your time posting content that only your mom likes. 

How to Turn Your 
Passion, Skills, & Expertise
aka your unique ability 
into a Profitable Online Business that you Actually ENJOY
Learn the super simple framework  that takes potentials to paying clients in less than 72 hours—even if you're not a famous influencer!—and without the fear of perfectionism, the tech overwhelm, or a business degree.
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It's time to get your#OTSP (on the straight path) business nailed in! 
See proof below on what's possible!

You'll Learn How To...

Avoid complicated funnels and sales process 

with this unique model that sells and that you enjoy!... even if you don't know what to do in business or think you're "not ready enough"—You'll be confident after this class!

Identify your Wealth Blockers Keeping you From Monetizing your God given talents 

Less than 1% of women actually make it past the 6 figure mark, surprisingly it doesn't start with your strategy rather there are mindset shifts  that must happen to get you where you want to be.

Ditch the content marketing and curated insta posts 

 and why it's the worst way to attract new clients. and what you can learn today will create immediate momentum 

Marilyn has learned from the best in the industry and is on a mission to help women create their own wealth assets

About Marilyn Rose

Hi there! I’m Marilynn Rose, CEO and Founder of Wealthy Women. I am an American Living In the Uk… A Muslim Entrepreneur. I wasn’t always planning to be an entrepreneur although I was always entrepreneurial. 

Wealthy Women are the backbone of our entire society. You either are a woman or you come out of a woman. We are the ones that lift each other up because we truly want to watch others succeed. We serve with purpose, and deep power thats beyond just us. It’s with our divine guidance, we know that we truly can do it all. And that means we can have our starbucks, every. single. day if thats what we want and still have money in the bank. 

Body. Balance. Business. Being.

Work with me on my mission to help women see their worth, create their own cash flow and truly be high performers. It starts with us.

About Marilyn Rose

Hi there! I’m Marilynn Rose, CEO and Founder of Wealthy Women. A Muslim Entrepreneur that has been quietly building an online empire over the past few years. 

This all started with me working side jobs trying to save up for medical school tuition. I made the decision a long time ago that to help people, instead of becoming a doctor, I became an entrepreneur helping others achieve fun, and freedom.

What others say about

working with Marilyn

"Less Reliant on One Source"
"Marilyn has completely changed my business. I have learnt how to schedule tasks on days when I have time (and motivation). I have become less reliant on one source of income (my studio). I have become better at allocating time to the tasks that count." 
- Sandy, Personal Trainer, UK
"Attract My Clients On Social"
"Marilyn's Trainings gave me great insights, i was really able to focus and niche down what i wanted to do and how i could attract my clients through social media. Marilyn was very informative." 
- Raj Preet - Womens Circles Coach
"Finally Got Clarity!"
"Marilyn really pushed for the practical with the energy that i had and how i could apply that to business. She helped me drill down taking action with my energy and saw the payoffs. I got the clarity immediately." 
- Karen - Founder of Organic Guidance USA
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