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Get 4 new strategies every week on how to have more
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Free Access to Marilyn’s “Core B4 Wealth Strategies”

Get 4 new strategies every week on how to have more
clarity, confidence, and freedom

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to the wealthy women community!

Want to build a personal brand and create digital offers, courses, coaching or memberships? This is the place to learn how to Start and Scale. If you’re here its because you have a message and passion and truly a calling that you want to share with the world. Wealthy Women is here to let you find that “Main Money Message,” build your personal brand with the right frameworks for your time freedom. Let us save you nearly a decade of time and money to help you with the best marketing strategies.
Learning the ropes of business and wealth creation doesn’t have to be stiff. We want you to have as much fun as we do with our messaging and client delivery. We want you to learn how to have the foundations needed so you can create true time freedom, because the worst thing about starting a business is becoming just an employee to your business, we want you to be an owner. and of course we want you to do it with flow. Your heart flow while making that cash flow.

Meet Marilyn rose

Hi there! I’m Marilynn Rose, CEO and Founder of Wealthy Women.  I am an American Living In the Uk… A Muslim Entrepreneur. I wasn’t always planning to be an entrepreneur although I was always entrepreneurial. (Converted to Entrepreneurship in 2015)
I wasn’t always muslim but I was always spiritual. (Converted to Islam in 2017)

Plan A was to get a degree, become a doctor and then help save lives.
I got the degree, and on my journey to medical school, life put me on another path of investing, building my first course online and then living the laptop lifestyle.

And once I tasted that time freedom, the doctor lifestyle no longer seemed appealing to me but helping people was always rooted into my core.

I helped build a start up that made over 30 million in sales teaching business and marketing around the world and I realized there was a huge gap with the ladies in the program.

These amazing women wanting to share their message didn’t believe THEY could build a business doing it…

Until I started doing extra coaching with them on their most important asset, the mind. And thats where wealthy women was born, bringing together not only the business strategies but also doing the personal development work to becoming a high performer and truly a Wealthy Woman.

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Fun. Freedom. Flow

Wealthy Women are the backbone of our entire society. You either are a woman or you come out of a woman. We are the ones that lift each other up because we truly want to watch others succeed. We serve with purpose, and deep power thats beyond just us. It’s with our divine guidance, we know that we truly can do it all. 

And that means we can have our starbucks, every. single. day if thats what we want 

 and still have money in the bank. 

That being said, we know it’s equally important to know how to build true wealth. While we love the cash flow, we know we have to take care of our Bodies, our health and fitness; Balance it all, our relationships with our loved ones; and Being, connecting to God. The Core B’s that you must achieve B4 Ultimate Wealth.

Body. Balance. Business. Being. 

Work with me on my mission to help women see their worth, create their own cash flow and truly be high performers. It starts with us.

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The Wealthy Women

If you’re looking for motivation, inspiration and tips to geting Wealthy. We are at your finger tips every Wednesday with a new podcast filled with knowledge on how to prosper, produce and power up your life. Welcoming all females and males to the podcast so we can all learn, grow and create a positive impact in this world while redefining what true wealth means to us now and for future generations

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Our 6 Week Course that will expand
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Wealthy Women Accelerator Experience

Teaches you how to grow Find Your Money Message, create valuable and selling content, and grow your audience and online sales like a skilled pro… even if you’re just starting off and completely new.

This program is for you if you’re at a place where you know you want to be in the online space, you have to claim authority in the marketplace but don’t know how yet, you know you want to make that cash flow while working anywhere you’d like. 


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Why do some people succeed turning their dreams into reality, while others really struggle? It comes down to how they manage their psychology, physiology, productivity, and confidence persuasion factor. Think about it. If you can’t master your mind, your body, your ability to get things done(discipline), and your ability to influence others to help you on your path, then you’re stuck forever in this loop of a movie that isn’t yours. But master those things, and life will forever be changed, and high achievement is yours. Let Marilynn Rose, the Female Entrepreneurs best performance trainer, coach and guide you along the way. Get ready to level up and live with true freedom. 

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After working with Wealthy Women, I really came away with action items that i was able to implement right away. She really pushed for practical. She helped me build sustainable habits that i was able to use in my business
Marilyn works so well, her kindness is amazing and she does adds so much adventure to my life and business
Jacira CEO