Welcome Ladies, This community is about you. Marilyn Rose is a Converted Muslimah Entrepreneur, She is the CEO and Founder of Wealthy Women dedicated to give you a space to learn, grow and evolve to your highest vision with strategy and leverage. “I want to empow you to go out and do something amazing with your life, knowing that nobody is right or wrong with their intrinsic values, i want to help you achieve whatever it is that you're called to do with strategy.” -Marilynn Rose. 

Our goal at Wealthy Women is to help you as a group to be individually and authentic to yourself so that you can create something amazing for the world. 



Marilyn is a serial entrepreneur who has over a million dollars in properties, stocks, online and other investments. She Created Wealthy Women to encourage the feminine energy in the world to step up and educate, create and invest into their own wealth and become Wealthy Women Independently and Successfully


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Hi!, I’m Marilynn Rose

“I always wanted to Inspire the World, and it Only took Starting My Own Business to make it happen”

It’s Story Time, grab an ice coffee and your notebook

I’ve thought i wanted to become a doctor until I saw their lifestyle. After graduating with a 4 year BS degree in 3 years in Science, Marilyn hit the practical life and started her first REIT business. While making decisions on investing, the best investment I’ve made was always in myself. Packing up my Chicago bags, I decided to move to Bali Indonesia to become an “entrepreneur with a purpose.” At this point in time, I was learning the online game and making money through courses on health and nutrition. I was living the lifestyle of infinity pools and yoga pics until I realized I was no longer inspiring the world the way that I had always dreamed. So thats when I decided to start training others in person and my world tour began. From Singapore,Dubai, London, Uk, Fiji, of course all over the US and so many places more. I’ve taught thousands of entrepreneurs to start, grow and scale their business.

I knew from this moment, I wanted to create more with a bigger community and hence

Wealthy Women was born with the intention to help as a million women become confident with clarity in their finances, operations, and businesses, even if you’re a stay at home mom, retired mom, young graduate a bit lost with your path or anything and everything in between. We have a place for you.


  • You want your life to be SO MUCH BIGGER than “normal,” “average” and other words that essentially mean “boring”
  • You’ve got your sights set on changing the world, becoming financially free for yourself and more importantly others. Making real money and running a business that sparks your heart and soul to light up others.
  • You’re looking for an easy, straightforward way to build the business of your dreams — one that doesn’t take over your entire life. Hello!
  • You’re a caregiver and may take care of others before yourself

I share my journey with you so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt how big your dreams can be, what’s possible for you, and exactly how limitless you truly are.If I can leave you with one thing, it’s this:

You can have it all. And you can have it delivered.

All the Love Marilynn Rose

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